Availing Payday Loans in UK by Sending Texts to Lenders

Posted by matthew | On: Aug 12 2014

Technological advancements are making their way into our daily lives now. It is quite interesting to note that the loan industry is making great use of various technologies for their businesses. One example for this is use of text messages for the short term credit industry. Gone are the days when you would need to go to the lender and borrow money from him directly for a fixed period of time at high interest rates. Now online payday loans are available for people who need them. Having an internet connection and a computer is enough to make applications for instant cash loans.

But, what would you do when you are on the move and do not have a laptop or computer nearby? Will you not be able to avail these loans then? Of course, you can. UK payday loans have shown great advancements as you can avail these loans by merely sending a text to the lender. Almost everyone has a mobile phone now. So, sending a SMS is not a problem at all. UK residents have this facility of getting instant cash loans or payday loans via SMS services. Some criteria need to be fulfilled by the borrowers to get this facility.

How payday loans can be availed in UK with SMS

Some steps have to be followed for getting payday loans UK via SMS. They are as follows:

  • Filling up the application form – There is an application form that needs to be filled up for getting the loan. It takes just 2 minutes to fill up the form with necessary details.
  • Text the lender – After sending the filled up application form, you will receive an email with the contact number of the lender. The text has to be sent on this number only. While sending the text on the given number, make sure that you mention your pin code, the amount of the loan that you are looking for and numbers of days for which you are intending to take the loan.
  • Approval – Once the text message is received, the lender will go through the application form and confirm if the person is eligible for the loan. Usually all such loans are sanctioned inspite of bad credit etc. Once it is approved, the loan amount is transferred to the account of the borrower in no time at all.

Getting payday loans UK online directly

There are many online lenders offering instant cash loans and payday loans to borrowers when they are in financial crunch. Among the many, who are offering great online payday loan services in UK, Snug-Loans need a special mention. The online lending service provider offers quick personal loans to customers when they need it most. With cheapest fax less loans, there is facility of making the loan repayments in easy installments. People with bad credit record need not worry at all as quick short term loans from Snug-Loans do not require any credit check. Whether it is for medical emergency or for paying some last minute utility bills, instant cash loans from Snug-Loans have been saviors for many people in financial distress.

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