Blockbusters UK Goes Bust

Posted by matthew | On: Jan 17 2013

4190 jobs have been put into jeopardy after it was announced yesterday that blockbuster UK had gone bust.

The Store that mainly sells DVDs and Games had an awful Christmas which concluded that administrators had to be called in.

Directors pulled the plug after losses had shown up as over £11 million.

This terrible news comes after it was confirmed that HMV had collapsed.

Both of these stores closing down has shown how much we have moved into using the internet to provide media with Apple leading the way with iTunes were people can buy albums and songs and download them straight to their computers, Also with millions of people in Britain illegally downloading music has made a difference.

For Blockbusters businesses such as Netflix and Lovefilm have but them out of business where customers can stream films on their computers, iPads and Playstations Also Lovefilm allows you to rent films that get sent through the post.

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