barclay’s profitls up to £2.45bn

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Barclays have repoted a rise in their profits whey are up by 22% in the first quarter. with stronger performance in investment banking offsetting an increased provisions for insurance misselling. When that is included, the bank reported a statutory loss before...

Allergic to money?

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Two new coins in the United Kingdom might leave some people literally itching to get away from them. WHY? The UK has decided to coat their 5p and 10p coins with nickel, a material that causes a skin reaction similar to that seen with poison ivy in some people. According...

Top 5 Health Insurance Tips for 2012

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Top 5 Health Insurance Tips for 2012 1) Fill in the gaps with supplemental insurance. If you buy a high deductible health insurance plan, consider accident and/or critical illness insurance too. These plans can help you cover out-of-pocket costs if unexpected medical...